Royalty Rulez Wears Flow Style...

Who is Royalty Rulez?

London, UK Rapper/Producer/Songwriter Royalty Rulez (Double R). 

Rulez or Prince (his birth name which he likes to be called) started his career as a Rapper, but got set back by a form of Cancer called Leukemia in his early teens, he battled and beat it with hopes of getting back into education and pursuing his dream of becoming a rap artist.

In his final year of University his love for music and the desire to join in its creation overwhelmed that of anything else in his life, he set up a studio at his home, experimented with beat making and after some time, amassed a catalogue of songs with a wider variety and commercial appeal than you would expect...

FsCo. and RR

We met Prince while riding a BMX track in Greenwich, London on a frosty afternoon last year. He was interested in the spot for his up coming video shoot so we got talking... After heading to his, checking out the studio and hearing some of his up coming projects we got to work on the video: Bout Da Chedda! We have a lot of exciting things to come working with RR so watch this space! But for now have a listen and enjoy.